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by Matteo K

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No doubt that Coldwave has the best releases on the internet! Check below and see/ listen for yourself.

Jan, 2019


by Matteo K [Progressive House]
on Beatport (3 tracks)
Jan, 2019

The Sum Of All The Probabilities

by Second Order Effects [Trance/ Progressive/ Uplifting/ Progressive House]
on Beatport (3 tracks)
Feb, 2019


by Symbolize [Glitch Hop/ MidTempo]
on Beatport (1 track)
Feb, 2019

Bring That

by Armando Rosario [Tech House/ Electro House/ Electro]
on Beatport (2 tracks)


Coldwave wouldn't be what it is today if we didn't had such amazing artists in our roster. Check out below some of those who are part of our history, part of the history of Electronic Dance Music.

Second Order Effects

Matteo K

Alex LaMark

Mechanik Project


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